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Commercial Workshops

Crafting Success with BlueScope Steel: Empowering Commercial Innovation through Superior Workshops

Superior Bluescope Steel Commercial Workshops

Our durable Australian steel sheds are fully customisable to suit almost any application.

Customisation options for Commercial Workshops:

  • Mezzanine floor
  • Partition walls
  • Large motorised roller doors
  • Commercial access doors
  • Skylights with safety wire
  • Awnings
  • Cold formed high tensile steel


commercial workhop

Specs These can all be customised.
Span: 18 m      Length: 36 m        Height: 4.2 m

Design Options

  • Trimclad or Corodek Sheeting Profiles
  • Site specfic engineering Australia wide
  • Huge range of optional Extras

commercial workshop

Specs These can all be customised.
Span: 3.5 m      Length: 2 m        Height: 4.8 m

Design Options

  • Trimclad or Corodek Sheeting Profiles
  • Site specfic engineering Australia wide
  • Huge range of optional Extras

Fully Customisable Design

Australian Made Commercial Sheds

BlueScope Steel’s importance in commercial applications is unparalleled, especially in the realm of steel sheds. Known for its exceptional durability and strength, BlueScope Steel is the ideal choice for structures that need to endure diverse environmental conditions.

 Its versatility lends itself to a broad range of applications, allowing for tailored designs that meet specific business needs.  It offers superior corrosion resistance, which is vital for maintaining the structure’s longevity and reducing maintenance costs over time. But BlueScope Steel isn’t just about practicality—it’s also a conscientious choice. As a recyclable material that retains its quality, it reflects an environmental commitment that’s essential in today’s world. 

Despite its robust nature, BlueScope Steel doesn’t compromise on aesthetics with its Colorbond range, contributing to the visual appeal of your commercial sheds, thus enhancing the overall design and feel of your commercial space.

Compliant to the National Construction Code of Australia

The National Construction Code (NCC), sets the minimum requirements for the design, construction, and performance of buildings throughout the country, including commercial sheds.

Adhering to the NCC ensures that your commercial shed meets all necessary safety and performance standards. This is crucial in protecting the people who use the building, as well as the goods and materials stored inside. Structures built in compliance with the NCC are designed to withstand various environmental conditions and usage scenarios without compromising their structural integrity.

NCC compliance can impact the insurability of your commercial shed. Many insurers require proof of code compliance as part of their policy conditions. Buildings that are not up to code may be deemed too high a risk to insure.


Global Sheds product catalogue where you can check our complete product range from steel sheds, garages, farm barns, skillion sheds, industrial sheds and commercial sheds. All sheds are fully customisable, super affordable and cheap. We use Colorbond steel and BlueScope steel to ensure our sheds are high quality and durable that can withstand the harsh weather of Australia.

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Welcome to our catalogue of high-quality sheds, proudly made in Australia. We’re excited to offer you a wide range of styles, sizes, and colours to suit your unique needs and preferences. Whether you need extra storage space for your tools and equipment or want to create an entertainment space in your backyard, we’ve got you covered.

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