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What is She Sheds? Why we need one

She sheds have become popular in recent years as a way for women to have a private space of their own. Sheds have been linked with men in Australia, and the concept of’man caves’ has grown universally accepted. However, their feminine counterparts, known as’she sheds,’ are rapidly taking over the country! She Sheds are places where women can spend quality time alone and get away from the stresses of job and family life.

They are frequently used as a room for hobbies such as painting or writing, as a place to read and relax, or simply as a place to go for some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of life. Simply said, She Sheds provide extra space to retreat to when you need a minute to yourself; they may be described as an Australian phenomenon.


Specs These can all be customised.
Span: 4m      Length: 6 m        Height: 2.4 m

Design Options

  • Trimclad or Corodek Sheeting Profiles
  • Site specific engineering
  • Windows and Glass Sliding Doors Available



Specs These can all be customised.
Span: 4m      Length: 6 m        Height: 2.4 m

Design Options

  • Trimclad or Corodek Sheeting Profiles
  • Site specific engineering
  • Windows and Glass Sliding Doors Available


She Sheds Ideas

She Sheds are frequently created specifically for the owner’s requirements. When creating your she shed, there are a few important things to keep in mind, such as how much outside space you have, your preferred style (rustic or modern), and the purpose of your she shed.

We provide She Sheds all around Australia in the entire palette of Colorbond colors, complete building guides, and any necessary paperwork for council permission (where applicable). We are delighted to give a 20-year warranty on all of our sheds since they are all manufactured of premium Australian BlueScope Steel.

Sizes of She Sheds

The size of a shed in Australia can vary depending on your specific needs and requirements. Sheds in Australia can range from small garden sheds, which typically measure around 1.5m x 1.5m, to larger storage sheds or workshops that can go up to 6m x 6m or even bigger.

When determining the size of your shed, it’s important to consider what you plan to use it for. If you only need a shed for storing garden tools and equipment, a smaller size may be sufficient. However, if you also plan to use it as a workshop or for storing larger items like bikes, lawn mowers, or even a car, you will likely

Consider the following design elements:

Windows are an excellent addition to your She Shed, allowing beautiful natural light to illuminate the space and creating a visually appealing feature from the outside. However, sometimes limitations like aspect and orientation can make it challenging. In such cases, you can explore alternatives like polycarbonate or fiberglass roof sheeting, or even opt for sleek glass sliding doors.

To take your She Shed design to the next level, consider incorporating an alfresco area. This trendy and popular feature allows you to seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a truly unique and versatile environment. Imagine sipping your favorite beverage in the comfort of your cozy She Shed while enjoying the refreshing outdoor surroundings—a perfect blend of relaxation and inspiration.

To ensure practicality and functionality, don’t forget to plan for safe power and lighting in your She Shed. Whether you dream of using your sanctuary during the evening or simply need ample illumination for various activities, adequate electrical outlets and well-designed lighting installations are essential. They will not only enhance the overall aesthetic appeal but also provide a conducive environment for you to fully enjoy your She Shed.

Remember, your She Shed is a reflection of your personality and creativity. So, let your imagination run wild and infuse unique elements that truly make it one-of-a-kind. Whether it’s incorporating vibrant colors, adding personalized decor, or embracing unconventional materials, make sure your personal touch shines through, making your She Shed a true sanctuary tailor-made to suit your needs and style.

When it comes to She Sheds, the possibilities are endless! Here are the top 10 ideas and common uses for these amazing spaces:

  1. Craft Haven: Transform your She Shed into a creative sanctuary, complete with ample storage for all your crafting needs. Whether you enjoy sewing, painting, or scrapbooking, this space will inspire your artistic side.

  2. Reading Nook: Create a cozy retreat where you can escape into the pages of your favorite books. Comfy chairs, bookshelves filled with your beloved novels, and soft lighting will set the perfect ambiance for relaxation.

  3. Yoga Studio: Design a peaceful oasis for your yoga and meditation practice. Clear the space, add some calming decor, and equip it with yoga mats and props for a serene and rejuvenating experience.

  4. Home Office: Utilize your She Shed as a productive workspace away from home distractions. Set up a desk, comfortable seating, and all the necessary office supplies and technology to create an efficient and motivating environment.

  5. Garden Retreat: Surround yourself with nature by turning your She Shed into a personal garden sanctuary. Install shelves or hooks for gardening tools, add potted plants, and design a functional workspace for potting and tending to your greenery.

  6. Workout Space: Stay fit and active by transforming your She Shed into a mini gym. Install equipment like treadmills, free weights, and yoga mats to create a convenient workout space that motivates you to stay active.

  7. Hobby Haven: Whether you’re into painting, model-building, or woodworking, your She Shed can become a dedicated space for pursuing your favorite hobbies. Set up a workbench, organize your supplies, and enjoy uninterrupted hours of indulging in your passion.

  8. Relaxation Oasis: Transform your She Shed into a serene retreat where you can unwind and recharge. Add a cozy seating area, soft lighting, and calming decor to create a peaceful atmosphere for relaxation and self-care.

  9. Home Salon: Create your own beauty haven by turning your She Shed into a home salon. Add a vanity area, salon-grade equipment, and ample storage for your beauty essentials to enjoy a personalized pampering space.

  10. Socializing Spot: Turn your She Shed into a welcoming space for entertaining family and friends. Install a bar counter, comfortable seating, and even a mini fridge for drinks and snacks, creating a perfect spot for gatherings and celebrations.

Options & Accessories for She Shed

  • Windows: Let natural light flood into your She Shed and enjoy the picturesque views outside with well-placed windows. They not only brighten up the space but also create a visually appealing feature.

  • Workstations: If you plan on using your She Shed for hobbies or work, create dedicated workstations. Install a sturdy desk, ergonomic chair, and ample storage for materials and equipment.

  • Storage solutions: Maximize the functionality of your She Shed with smart storage solutions. Install shelves, cabinets, or hooks to keep your tools, supplies, and equipment organized and easily accessible.

  • Outdoor features: Extend the charm of your She Shed to the outside with landscaping and outdoor accessories. Consider adding a patio area, potted plants, a garden trellis, or even a hammock to create an inviting exterior environment.

Do We Provide She Shed DIY Kits?

Indeed, we offer a remarkable solution: customizable COLORBOND® She Shed kits. These kits cater to those who prefer not to embark on a DIY project alone. With just a few essential tools and a basic understanding of woodworking, you can bring your She Shed dreams to life.

What sets our COLORBOND® She Shed kits apart is their exceptional adaptability. Each design can be tailored to suit your unique preferences and requirements. Whether you envision a cozy reading nook, a vibrant craft haven, or a tranquil yoga retreat, our She Shed kits can be customized to accommodate your vision seamlessly.

To ensure a hassle-free experience, we provide a comprehensive building manual as part of the kit. This valuable resource will guide you through the construction process step-by-step, making it accessible even for those without extensive woodworking knowledge.

Additionally, we understand the importance of adhering to local regulations and obtaining necessary approvals. Where applicable, we will gladly provide any documentation required for council approval. Our aim is to provide you with a stress-free experience, ensuring that you can enjoy your She Shed with peace of mind.

With our COLORBOND® She Shed kits, you can transform your backyard into a haven of creativity, relaxation, or productivity. Unleash your imagination, unleash your potential, and create a unique space that truly reflects your style and personality. Let us be a part of your She Shed journey and help you bring your dream sanctuary to life.

Our Personalized She Sheds for Sale

Our experienced consultants will guide you through the process of creating your perfect She Shed. During your consultation, you’ll be prompted to consider key factors:

  1. Aesthetic Appeal: What style or look do you envision? Rustic and country-inspired or sleek and modern? We’ll ensure your She Shed exudes the exact ambiance you desire.

  2. Space Considerations: How much area do you have available on your property? Where will your She Shed be positioned? We’ll seamlessly integrate it into your landscape, taking advantage of natural light and maximizing the space you have.

  3. Functionality: What purpose will your shed serve? Is it for storage, relaxation, or a dedicated workspace? We’ll work with you to customize the layout and maximize its functionality to match your specific requirements.

  4. Budget Awareness: It’s essential to factor in your project budget. Our consultants will guide you through cost-effective options and design choices that align with your financial capabilities.

  5. Timeframe Efficiency: We understand the importance of timely project completion. Rest assured, we’ll work within a mutually agreed timeframe to deliver your perfectly designed She Shed as efficiently as possible.

Embrace the joy of owning a truly unique and customized She Shed that exceeds all your expectations. Let us transform your vision into reality, crafting a beautiful space that caters to your needs and preferences. It’s time to have the bespoke She Shed of your dreams!


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